DOMAIN NAME is the most Important thing of your online presence
Good Domain Name is at the core of every online business, blog, website, and ecommerce destination. Your domain name is like the title of your book, describing to your visitors what they will find inside. Choosing the right domain is vital. It can tell people anything from what your mission is to where you come from. We are certified reseller which allows us to sell domains, SSL, web hosting, email and more through the largest ICANN accredited domain name wholesaler. We offer over 70 different domain extensions, making it possible to get your message across through your domain no matter what you are saying.
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Transfer Domain
If you have registered your Domain Name elsewhere, with other registrar, this will assist you in transferring your domain to us.
You can transfer to us to consolidate all your web services in one place, (DOMAIN NAME, HOSTING, MAIL, ETC) or just take advantage of our web hosting and email plans. The transfer process depends on the registrar with whom you currently have your Domain Name registered. Once you get the EPP code from them you can do it in few steps:

Domain Transfer: Easy, Automatic, Fast

1. You need to check if the name you want transfer is available
2. You provide with EPP Code This needs to be obtained from the current registrar for authorisation
3. Select the addon services you would like, providing required information for them and defining the nameservers that they will use.
  • DNS Management FREE!
  • Email Forwarding Available!
  • ID Protection FREE!
4. If you want to use custom nameservers then enter them filling the boxes below (example:ns1.MyDomain.com, ns2.MyDomain.com ).
By default, new domains will use our nameservers for hosting on our network.
5. Wait for the propagation 24-72 hrs