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As the growth of businesses is continue in the online space, getting involved in high technology franchises is a smart move, ans this is now easier than ever. While there are a variety of lucrative Internet business opportunities, one of the essentials is web hosting. Whether it's a small time startup or a booming business, companies need to be hosted to function online, which is why buying a web hosting franchise can be a truly profitable business experience and moreover if you need to be in charge just of the sale, leaving the technical side and the suppport to Us. With Internet in every corner of the world you can target any place to sale the services. Your work is to SALE and you get your commision once the client is more than 30 days using the services, this is because we have a money back garantie.
Business Details
NoelON Web Hosting Services (NWHS) is looking for Franchisees to join their growing network and become part of the lucrative recession proof growing web hosting and web services industry. Franchises are available NATIONWIDE and GLOBAL! at this incredible price which is a saving of over thousands of dolars ! And much less than the usual start up costs. we mentioned that the demand for Web Sites is forecast to increase as more people change the lifestyles and look for goods and services on line. Commercial customers need to set up web sites and for them is difficult to buy Servers and licences and teams in charge of this part of the business, for this reason they outsource this services. As an NWHS franchise owner you can build a substantial personal & commercial web hosting business supported by a company and support team with many years' experience in supplying satisfied customers. NWHS customers enter into contractual agreements ranging from 12 months so you know what monthly income to expect as you continue to build your business. You will of course receive ongoing leads from us and new information and help to sale. You deside how many hours you work and how you want to sale the products, your income will depend on this.
What we will do for you
· We offer the Web Site in our domain linked to the shopping cart (http://yourbiz.noelon.com/)
· We offer 100 leaflets of NoelON's services, professionaly designed by our own marketing team
· Allow full use of the brand NoelON Ltda. for the franchise's pourpouses
· Allow full access to the servers, tools and scripsts through Cpanel
· We Offer you a comprehensive stationery package
· We offer you a help advertising your business in our social network page and in sites in charge of NoelON Ltda.
· Provide you with web hosting related videos in english language and ongoing support in franchise related themes.
What we will not do:
· We do not limit EARNINGS
· We do not register you as employee as you work on your own and get commisions on sale
· We do not limit the amount of business or personal opportunities you have
· We do not intend to have Franchisees tied up to an geographical area, you can work using the social networks and sale the services wherever you target in the world.
· We will not sell you a franchise that has other Franchisees registered on it.
· We do not Set up YOUR COMPANY for you, and dont pay taxes for the commision earned.
· We do not register your clients as this is part of your work, but we can assist you on this.
Training and support:
How to target your customers
· How to advertise your business
· How to increase your customer base
· How to convert enquiries into sales
· How to manage the administration side of your business
Franchise Package Contents:
You pay $ 30.00 American Dolars for your franchise and you will get to trade under the name of a recognised brand with ongoing advice and continuous support with established systems & practices.
The price for your franchise will also include:
  - A Franchise Web Site fully designed with information in order to personalize the site by you with your Logo, Business Statement, Graphics and links to your busines web page and/or your social network.
- Free Web Hosting for the franchise's Site and your personal business site linked to the main site.
- All files and information about the offered Service (Domain Names, Web Hosting and Design)
- All documents of Terms of service and Privacy statements.
- Access information to the NoelON servers.
- Agreement between you and NoelON Ltda.
- Manual with general information about NoelON Ltda. Services.
- Manual to personalize your Franchise Web Site.
- Short cuts for the access to the servers.
· You can set up your email in your site (manager@yourbiz.noelon.com) or use our mail server in our domain (managerYourBiz@noelon.com)
· Your area advertised on our company websites and national campaigns
· Use of company website for incoming enquiries, recruitment and a point of reference and resource.
· Receive free enquiries generated through our central sales line, websites and online presence
· No management fees are charged.
· Operations manuals
· You are in charge of your Schedules
· All legal documents, systems and everything you will need in order to run your business successfully and get ahead from day 1
· A true management / ownership opportunity
· A tried, tested and successful Business Model
· Business launch and ongoing support is available at all times
· Comprehensive video training on web hosting matters.
· Bespoke operations software, tools and scripts.
· Easy access of your clients to our systems (Ticket system y Billing Management) and for all clients in charge of NoelON.
· Access to a paypal payment system for your sales in charge of NoelON
Who Is Ideal For Us:
NWHS is for those with the drive and determination to make their business work. They need to be self-starters and able to manage their own time. We are not looking for those wanting to work in a 9-5 corporate environment. Maybe you have recently been made redundant? Start up on your own and give yourself a HEAD-START and buy into an existing working business model with systems & processes in place saving you time and money, getting your business off to the best start, without the worry. If you are looking for a Management Franchise in this stimulating sector and can answer yes to the following questions then we want to hear from you.
Do you have strong Internet skills?
Are you comfortable marketing and trading a high quality service?
Are you able to follow a proven business system?
Do you have a good work ethic?
Are you able to raise the capital for this franchise? or work towards the cost of the Franchise
How to begin right now:

To get started and take advantage of this excellent opportunity then secure your franchise now. Please feel free to e-mail us with questions or to check if your desired location is available. We challenge you to compare our Franchise model with other Franchise models available on the market today, and you will find that we are offering your the best deal
NoelON Web Hosting Services (NWHS) will give you up to 40% of the sale, and you dont need to think about the one year guarantee service, we do this with all our clients